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The latest news is shown below from Air Quality in Scotland, with the most recent at the top.

  1. Particulate Matter pollution episode across Scotland 15th February 2017

    15th February 2017
  2. Scottish Air Quality Database and Website Annual Seminar - Tuesday 24 January 2016 Presentations

    1st February 2017
  3. Publication of the Scottish Air Quality Database Annual Report for 2015

    12th January 2017
  4. Scottish Air Quality Database and Website Annual Seminar - Tuesday 24th January 2017 - Edinburgh

    4th January 2017
  5. Scottish Air Quality Database (SAQD) Newsletter

    5th December 2016
  6. Smoke Control Area Guidance provided

    14th September 2016
  7. New UK 2013 Reference Year Background Maps

    7th September 2016
  8. Young Scots to go head to head in front of investors at Venturefest

    30th August 2016
  9. New reports published by Defra and Devolved Administrations

    9th August 2016
  10. Air Quality Scotland Brochure 2015 published

    2nd August 2016
  11. Launch of the beta version of SEPA’s Volcanic Emissions Network

    4th July 2016
  12. Scottish Air Quality Maps for 2014 published

    6th June 2016
  13. New Amended Regulation - The Air Quality (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2016

    11th April 2016
  14. Revised Policy Guidance - Local Air Quality Management Policy Guidance PG(S) (16)

    4th April 2016
  15. ECO Stars Workshop held on 15th March 2016

    4th April 2016
  16. Scottish Air Quality Database and Website Annual Seminar

    18th March 2016
  17. Cleaner Air for Scotland - Road to a Healthier Future

    7th January 2016
  18. Scottish LAQM technical and policy guidance consultation

    30th November 2015
  19. COMEAP report on Ground-level ozone published

    5th October 2015
  20. Consultation on Air Quality Plans to meet EU limit values for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in Scotland

    14th September 2015
  21. Orkney's First Electric Bus

    2nd June 2015
  22. LES for Scotland Consultation Process

    6th March 2015
  23. Air quality strategy launched

    25th February 2015
  24. Low Emission Strategy for Scotland Consultation

    19th January 2015
  25. Scottish Transport Emissions Partnership Conference 2014

    12th November 2014
  26. Elevated Particulate Matter levels on Bonfire Night 2014

    10th November 2014
  27. ECO Stars improving Fife's air quality

    23rd October 2014
  28. Updates to LAQM Tools

    24th June 2014
  29. Launch of Scottish Government's new and improved Air Quality in Scotland website and app

    26th March 2014
  30. Mapped Background Air Pollution data and maps

    11th November 2013
  31. New Research Project - Assessing variations in roadside air quality with sampling height

    8th November 2013
  32. Clean Air Act Review - Call for Evidence

    20th September 2013
  33. Review of LAQM in Scotland Workshop by Environmental Protection Scotland

    6th September 2013
  34. Consultation on review of Local Air Quality Management in Scotland

    14th June 2013
  35. Edinburgh International Science Festival: Air Pollution - Out of sight, Out of mind

    19th March 2013
  36. Moderate to Very High Particulate Matter (PM10) Episode 26-28 February 2013 - Aberdeen Region

    4th March 2013
  37. Particulate Matter pollution episode measured in Greater Glasgow urban area

    18th December 2012
  38. Consultation on updated UK National Implementation Plan for Persistent Organic Pollutants

    21st November 2012
  39. Scottish Air Quality Monitoring Strategy Workshop

    14th November 2012
  40. Biomass and Air Quality

    7th September 2012
  41. Temporary Error with Background Data

    2nd May 2012
  42. Updated Mapped Concentrations of Pollutants in Scotland

    11th April 2012
  43. Industrial Emissions Directive - Large Combustion Plants

    12th January 2012
  44. New Daily Air Quality Index implemented

    5th January 2012
  45. Notification of Changes to the Air Quality Index

    7th December 2011
  46. Publication of the 2009 Scottish Air Quality Mapping Report

    29th November 2011
  47. Air Pollution in the UK 2010: UK's Annual Report to the Commission

    2nd November 2011
  48. Correction to Scottish background and roadside NO2 maps for 2009, 2010, 2015 and 2020

    10th June 2011
  49. Consultation on air quality plans to meet the EU Limit Values for Nitrogen Dioxide in Scotland

    10th June 2011
  50. Iceland's Grimsvotn volcano - Air quality and health impacts

    26th May 2011
  51. Weekly Performance Checks of TEOM-FDMS in the SAQD

    23rd May 2011
  52. Air Pollution Detectives launched

    9th May 2011
  53. Publication of the Scottish Air Quality Database Brochure for 2010

    7th April 2011
  54. Scottish Air Quality Grant Application Letters

    23rd February 2011